My Heart Card Valentines: Here’s how to make them!

After reading through the how-to blog to do my Valentine-or-any-time free, downloadable printable Cards with a secret pocket, click here or on the pic above to get started!

I decided a how-to for my make-it-yourself Valentine Cards was a good thing, and where better to do it than my blog? As I stated before, the actual downloads are on my Flickr image sharing account. That’s where you will go to get them.

Here’s the How-to-do-it:
Instructions if designs are printed on acid-free, white cardstock:

Print to fit to a page on white, acid-free cardstock.

Use inkjet or laser printer.

Use paper cutter to cut out the cards in 2 rectangular shapes.

Before the cards are cut apart

Then fold end to end and lightly press the folded edge down with the heel of your hand or a Craft Bone (found at a Craft store), with the printed front side up for your fold.

Using sharp craft scissors, cut out the curvy line that forms the top of a secret pocket.

Now you’ve cut everything you need to. Next step is done with a pushpin.

Using a pushpin and laying your card on something that gives (like carpet or a foam-filled arm of a fabric-covered chair), make two tiny holes in the middle of the designated circles printed on the design.

From the printed side, push the prongs of two matching decorative mini-scrapbook brads (one through each hole) and through both layers of the folded card and extend the prongs lengthwise on the back of the folded card.

Once you do that, you have a pocket on the back of your card for a nice Valentine treat for the recipient!
Lastly, insert a small, flat treat (edible or non-food item) in the pocket. These folded cards fit in a computer-size envelope (available at most office supply stores to be bought in bulk). Suggestions for the treat? Tea bags fit great. When I give these out to family and friends, I wrap candy hearts in cellophane or a fold-lock top sandwich baggie sealed and folded to fit. Other suggestions are flat lollipops, sticks of gum, wrapped, flat mints or a couple of bite sized cookies! Non-food items work great, too, – like a wallet-sized photo, a small bookmark, a card with a fav scripture or poem or a gift card. The list can go on and on! These are made of acid-free white cardstock. Make sure you don’t overload them.

Samples to show:

Next post, I link all the Valentine Card designs with thumbnails. Be sure to comment/ask if you have any questions! I’d love to hear from you.

Want to know more about me? Here’s my Profile on Flickr:

Catch you on the other side…


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