I’ve got Heart Design Cards – Not just for Valentine’s…

Just a little glimpse of the totally artsy little video I put on my last post. Check it out…
←Hearts in a New Dimension 2014: Visual Art Animation

But…I promised thumbnails and here they are! Each picture button links to the free, downloadable, printable Valentine (many are for any time!) card design page for download, currently residing on my Flickr photo stream – and there are more…but you’ll see that when you go there. Each design page links back to here, if you need to come back. But everything you download is on Flickr! It’s perfectly safe to do so, just right click and download the original size of the style you want and follow my instructions there on how to make the card(s). Take a look at some of what I offer…


You will notice I am posting only the printed front of the folded card. There is a back, plus a secret pocket in the back – which you can fill with small, flat items. Just check the instructions here or in comments on this Flickr page (which picture links all the Heart Cards) for my cool suggestions!

Want to know more about me? Here’s my Profile on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/people/mimitalks/

Catch you on the other side…

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