Questioning My Hearts: 5 Video Art Valentines to share plus some to make

Click on these videos to go to my Flickr site, then left click on the download arrow to get them in original format and view them large and to scroll down to see the music credits for each, if that applies. That will download them to play, not save. Be sure and link back to me, if you save and share the video. As God has gifted me with the ability to make these and the creative Make-yourself-Valentines, so gift I you. Please don’t sell them, but do enjoy and share them. Merry Valentine’s Day early!!!

Done mostly for Valentine’s Day, but I love hearts any time. Look for the sign of the fish.

If you like to make your own valentines – like I do – I can help with that. And my designs (linked here) create a little pocket for a sweet note or tasty treat!

New me, new heart card printables for any time a la Mimishareand here’s a video showing how I did mine

Note: Be sure and scroll down in comments, once you click on the image to go to my Flickr site for detailed pictures and written instructions for all the different Valentine cards I’ve created for you to make – and give – yourself!

Want to know more about me? Here’s my Profile on Flickr:

Catch you on the other side…

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