Make Give Your Heart Card Pouches from FREE templates printing as 6 x 4 photos!!

Noted – 2/7/18 I understand if you don’t want to scroll down to see all my images. But…if you don’t, you will miss who I really am and what motivates me to do what I do. Still, seeing any of my images anywhere may tell you that as well.
I am an amateur graphics designer. I offer downloadable printable images totally free for personal use to make custom paper craft items and ornaments for all seasons. What is it about my pouch designs? They have a little pocket in the back for a small, flat gift and beautiful heart designs on the front. For anytime, please check out my NEW! Give Your Heart Card pouch designs with templates that print as 6″ x 4″ photos – find them here: Also, avail yourself of my Heart Card Pouch printables that you print yourself on white, acid-free cardstock at See a glimpse of these in my showcase. All the designs are under a Creative Commons license, for personal use only. Please check the licensing on each one. If you use, enjoy!!! and to God be the glory!

Who will come get them? Give your heart card pouches to make and give Sharing about who i am and the heart card pouches available for you to make with my templates Showing Front and Back of Heart Card Pouches you can make and give anytime!

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Love is in the Air Free Heart Card Printables by mimitalks, married, under grace


Click the smaller image to access this for free download on my Flickr photostream. Download it, print it, cut it out, make the pocket on the back and add a treat. I have full instructions!
Love is in the air free heart card printables

Sharing Christmas crafts, ornament designs, color pages for kids

Ok, it has been awhile. But I’m still here, still sharing. There’s no way I can post it all, but I will show some samples below. This graphic directly links to my sets on Flickr, where you can access Christmas and winter designs and seasonal short videos for viewing and/or personal use.

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I am linking below one of my specific Flickr pages with links to all my Christmas and winter design freebies. I’m a Christian, so most of them will reflect that. As God’s Word and Salvation are offered freely to all, so is this. No Commercial use, please. These are gifts for personal use. Great with and for the kids in your life, aged one to 92!

What Mom Shares Free for Christmas and Winter Crafts, Color Pages, Backgrounds

Want to know more about me? Here’s my Profile on Flickr

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