Digital Breast Cancer Awareness a la Mimi

This is a quick sampling of what I feature in my photostream for Breast Cancer Awareness, mimitalks, married under grace on Flickr.
Clicking on each of the photos below will bring you to that image on Flickr. You can right click to view it in original size and quality. There are also picture links in the first few comments on these images.

This links to info on a group project for Breast Cancer Awareness, which I began in 2008 because my mother was a Breast Cancer survivor.

As a group, we have done 6 Digital Breast Cancer Awareness Quilts, featured in one image here.

Our daughter, E-leigh, has been the poster girl for all of our digital Breast Cancer Awareness projects and my personal BCA images since she was 8. She is now 15.

Other News:

I’m a Christian and offer this unrelated Color Page (free, downloadable, printable), both to celebrate winter and the God who started it all.

Just a little glimpse of the totally artsy little video I put on my last post. Check it out…
ÔćÉHearts in a New Dimension 2014: Visual Art Animation

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