Sharing Christmas crafts, ornament designs, color pages for kids

Ok, it has been awhile. But I’m still here, still sharing. There’s no way I can post it all, but I will show some samples below. This graphic directly links to my sets on Flickr, where you can access Christmas and winter designs and seasonal short videos for viewing and/or personal use.

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I am linking below one of my specific Flickr pages with links to all my Christmas and winter design freebies. I’m a Christian, so most of them will reflect that. As God’s Word and Salvation are offered freely to all, so is this. No Commercial use, please. These are gifts for personal use. Great with and for the kids in your life, aged one to 92!

What Mom Shares Free for Christmas and Winter Crafts, Color Pages, Backgrounds

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Inspired All Over Again Christian video

Inspired All Over Again – artsy video art to view in HD

My Flickr site is having a few issues lately, but I think I’ve embedded this correctly for viewing. This is a compilation of spiritual-content artsy videos that tells a story. God’s story. Not mine. If the picture embed doesn’t work to view the video art, try the text link (text in red), if you want to view this. It works on my data phone, so hopefully somewhere you can view. Oh, and I’m not Hispanic, but have to view my Flickr site in that language at present to even get this. Hopefully, this will be fixed soon! If you view, enjoy. Thanks………..Mimi

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